1,6 million people suffering from food insecurity (32% of the population) : 47% in Gaza, 16% in the West Bank

In Gaza, 95% of the water is unfit for consumption

In the West Bank, 70% of localities in Zone C are not connected to the water supply network

Region : Middle East
Population : 4,9 million 

Gaza Strip (1.9 million inhabitants) and West Bank (3 million)

Programs : Food Security & Livelihoods, Access to Water and Sanitation, Child Protection and Well-being


SIF mission : installed since 2008 in Gaza and 2010 in the West Bank

Gaza Strip : Gaza, Khan Yunis and Rafah Regions

West Bank : Ramallah, Salfit and East Jerusalem Regions

Partnerships : UNRWA, One-Habitat, CMBM, OCHA

Humanitarian context

For 10 years, the Palestinian population under an embargo on people and goods, has experienced a constant deterioration in living conditions. The industrial equipment and housing destroyed by the 2014 bombings could only partially be rebuilt.
 Access to water and sanitation is one of the most urgent needs. Water and electricity shortages affect daily life (drinking water consumption well below the minimum recommended by the WHO), as well as the economic potential. In the absence of electricity, the factories are no longer running, because of lack of irrigation, agricultural production is reduced to a minimum, impacting food security. 32% of the population of Palestine is food insecure (47% in Gaza, 16% in the West Bank). In Gaza, 97% of the water is unfit for consumption; in the West Bank 70% of the localities in Zone C (under Israel's exclusive control) are not connected to the water supply network.
In a context of deprivation and violence, isolated children and women are particularly vulnerable. 321,000 children are in need of psycho-social support, according to the UN.

Our actions

The RIS conducts projects in Gaza and the West Bank to support the resilience of vulnerable populations in the long term. These projects are targeting the following :

jeunes talibés à Bamako
Livelihood improvement : 
  • Rehabilitation of agricultural land, support for agricultural production and small livestock (agricultural supplies, irrigation system, rainwater recovery tanks) and the start of economic activities.
  • Distribution of food parcels for Ramadan and Eid Al Adha
Water access improvement and sanitation for health and daily consumption : rehabilitation of the drinking water network, connection to wastewater treatment.
jeunes talibés à Bamako
  • Protection of children, including orphans: sponsorship of 468 orphans in the West Bank and nearly 4,000 orphans in Gaza, economic and psychosocial support for orphans in Gaza and the West Bank.
  • Distribution of school kits for the start of the new school year (Gaza)
  • Distribution of gifts for Eid (Gaza)
Rehabilitation of housing in Gaza and orphanages and kindergartens in the West Bank.