75% below the poverty line

47% of children under 5 years old who are malnourished

Region : Africa (Indian Ocean)

Capital : Antananarivo

Population : 25 million
SIF Mission : since 2009

Regions : Antananarivo and Morombe

Programs : Child welfare and Food security & livelihoods

Humanitarian context

Poverty and food insecurity affect a very large part of the Malagasy population. 47% of children under 5 are chronically malnourished. Rural areas are particularly affected. Only 32% of the rural population has access to drinking water. The lack of resources and the health situation impact on schooling. Only one in three children completes their primary education.
The country is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. Floods and droughts increase food insecurity.

Our actions

In Madagascar, the SIF is committed on two fronts: the fight against social exclusion (particularly school) and the reduction of food insecurity, with multi-year programs.

jeunes talibés à Bamako

Fight against school exclusion in Antananarivo and four municipalities in Morombe district (south-west)

  • Strengthening educational capacities
  • Improving conditions in schools
  • School support and support for parents' associations
The projects reach over 15,000 schoolchildren and 500 out-of-school children, as well as educators, teachers and parents' associations.

Strengthening Food Security in Rural Communities in Morombe District

  • Improvement of access to basic food for vulnerable households in 6 communes (increase in food production and farm income, improvement of resilience during the lean season)
  • Support to solidarity groups engaged in the development of the local market

Projects reach approximately 50,000 vulnerable people (small producers, non-farm and non-farm households, seed breeders, local groups & cooperatives

jeunes talibés à Bamako

Emergency assistance after the floods of January 2019

  • Food distributions and hygiene kits to 9,000 people
  • Rehabilitation of a school in Antananarivo
  • Reconstruction of huts in Morombe (project)
Publication : 20 Décembre 2018