Founded in 1991, Secours Islamique France (SIF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation devoted to international solidarity, social and humanitarian causes in the fields of humanitarian assistance and development aid, both in France and in the world.




Secours Islamique France believes in a more caring and fairer world, where the basic needs of vulnerable individuals are met. SIF draws the legitimacy of its action from a vision of humanity (women and men) as a whole and, in particular, its vulnerable condition. Human beings must serve each other. Because it is through giving and sharing that they are whole.



SIF is dedicated to reducing poverty and vulnerability in France and across the world, without any proselytism nor discrimination. It intervenes where humanitarian and social needs require the mobilization of emergency response as well as the implementation of development programmes and advocacy actions.



Secours Islamique France is based on Islam’s human values, i.e. solidarity and respect for human dignity, which are its core concerns. 


 Through its commitment, values and missions, SIF calls for the building of human solidarity that transcends differences and borders. Such solidarity and sharing are geared towards disadvantaged people, but also organizations that support them through partnerships. 

 Respect for human dignity 

 First and foremost, SIF values respect for human dignity. It integrates, in its solidarity actions and intervention methods, a real effort of knowledge and understanding of the different social, cultural and faith-based contexts of the helped populations. 

 Beyond that, SIF is committed to good “living together” according to otherness ethics.



Since its inception, Secours Islamique France has been committed to the principles that are at the core of humanitarian action: 

Impartiality & universality 

- Assisting the most vulnerable, fairly, with humanity and without any distinction based on their origins, gender, culture, faith, sensitivity or political affiliation...; 

 - Always trying to reach them, even in difficult circumstances; 

 - Applying these principles to our bodies and staff as well. 

 Neutrality & independence 

 - Refrain from taking sides in conflicts and crises; 

 - Thanks to our independence towards any political, economic, financial or religious body. Associative project & strategic plan 2017-2021 9 

 Accountability & transparency 

 - Towards beneficiaries, to provide them with the assistance they need, in the most appropriate manner, ensuring the quality of the actions implemented and reflecting on the longer-term impact of their assistance; 

 - Towards donors by using their contributions with seriousness, correctness and transparency; 

 - Overall, with a responsible approach, both socially and environmentally speaking, and ensuring compliance with contracts and commitments.

Each year, the charity’s accounts are certified by a “Commissaire aux Comptes” (statutory auditor) and are published on our website: In addition, SIF is accredited by the Comité de la Charte du don en confiance, an accreditation body which controls charities using public generosity.


Read more: our Charter – our Code of conduct

We have also the label Don en confiance


The Social Mission in France carries out solidarity projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable: families struggling on the brink of poverty, the homeless, the unemployed, the elderly, the desocialised youths, people with disabilities, single women or single mothers, inmates...




Our night-time patrols enable us to engage with homeless people, maintain a social bond with them in order to guide them towards specialised organisations.


Our housing policy for people without a stable residence has meant that we have set up a daytime social centre and emergency accommodation structures such as shelters. Every registered person is monitored and accompanied by social workers for a sustainable integration.




Each year, in partnership with the French State’s Winter Plan, SIF strengthens its actions against exclusion.


SIF provides food assistance to vulnerable and marginalised populations (inmates, migrants...) and contributes to the fight against exclusion through distribution of food packages or meals: solidarity restaurant during Ramadan and meat packages on the occasion of Eid El Adha, etc.




“Epi’Sol” provides temporary food relief for people in difficult situations as well as socio-educational support. The money saved on food products allows beneficiaries to pay for a personal project or to tackle unpredictable matters.


In partnership with social landlords, SIF enables individuals to benefit from a single bedroom, whilst waiting to secure permanent accomodation.







Access to water, sanitation and hygiene is considered a fundamental right for all human beings. SIF is mobilised on the field (water and sanitary facilities supply, basic hygiene awareness) and in the area of advocacy for an effective implementation of the right to safe water.



Seasonal programmes and long-term projects complement each other to fight against hunger: distribution of food packages and meat during Ramadhan and Eid El-Adha, farming activities, fight against malnutrition, distribution of livestock, etc.



The most vulnerable, children are granted special attention through protection programmes: nutrition, access to health care, education and psycho-social support. This is a priority that is accompanied, in some countries, by orphans’ sponsorship programmes: thanks to education and counselling, children are protected from street dangers and risks of exploitation.



Providing assistance to the most vulnerable populations, even in the most difficult conditions... Secours Islamique France works closely with its partners to provide immediate assistance to victims of conflicts and natural disasters: food aid, drinking water, psychological support, building of infrastructure… Beyond emergencies, these actions are designed to allow the transition towards preliminary reconstruction and rehabilitation, essential for any future development work.



With a sustainable approach to interventions, Secours Islamique France implements post-emergency and development programmes enabling local populations to gain their autonomy. Through access to safe water, income generating activities, education and awareness. Local involvement is the key to foster the rise of civil society.




Secours Islamique France has developed its advocacy campaigns to have more impact and give more meaning to its actions and exert influence on global policy matters that are related to its field of work: protection of civilians and respect of international humanitarian law, access to water and sanitation for vulnerable populations, food security, child protection and social emergency in France.