In recent years, the world has faced many humanitarian crises of great magnitude.
Since World War II, there has never been so many displaced people in the world, which amounted to more than 60 million people, half of them are children.
The number of people affected by humanitarian crises has almost doubled within a decade.
At the present time, these crises have become increasingly complex and their effects have a global impact.
For 25 years now, the SIF has aimed to help people in need. The following are few examples of its actions destined for refugees and immigrant populations.




• Rehabilitating and equipping a social development center in Mount Lebanon

• Organizing leisure and sport activities for children refugees


• Financial support to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Lebanese population in order for them to meet their basic needs ( food, rent, transportation, medical care)



• Psychological assistance to refugees in 2 transit camps : Leisure and sport activities to alleviate the psychological suffering of refugees ease tensions and create social bond.

• Punctual distribution of hot meals and hygiene kits to refugees in camps



• SIF helps the refugees who passed by Greece to reach Europe and unfortunately were forced to stay in its camps.

• Improving hygiene conditions and access to drinking water in idomeni camp.



In Malakassa camp north Athens :


• Establishing protected areas for women and children


• A library kit to facilitate access to education for children and teen agers


• Organizing a photography workshop for children to practice an entertaining and enriching activity.



• Hosting and helping 800 refugees in 6 hosting centers


• Distributing hygiene tools and food to hosted people ( 1500 meal per day)