3.2 million people in need of humanitarian aid

displaced people

Food insecurity

Deficit of access to water and sanitation

Region : Asia

Capital :

Population :
 200 million
SIF mission : installed since 2018

Regions :
from Islamabad, Peshawar, FATA, Tharparkar (Sindh)

Projects : Child welfare, food security, multi-sectoral support to returnees


Humanitarian context

One of the world's most disaster-prone countries, Pakistan faces recurring droughts and floods. In the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan, the population suffers from food insecurity. The lack of access to water and sanitation has serious consequences on the health of the inhabitants.

Years of conflict have led to massive population displacements. 1.2 million people are in need of shelter.

Our actions

jeunes talibés à Bamako

Water and sanitation activities

  • Construction of water points and latrines, hygiene awareness (Orazkai, FATA region, 2019)
  • Rehabilitation of 32 water sources, capacity
    building with communities for maintenance and provision of
    water pump for communities (2019)
  • Construction of latrines and
    hand-washing facilities in 20 schools with the creation of
    WaSH clubs and hygiene kit distribution (2019)

Support for child welfare in the regions of Islamabad and Rawalpindi

  • Support of four orphanages : recreational activities, awareness on the rights of the child, food support (aqiqas)
jeunes talibés à Bamako

Seasonal livelihoods and food security projects in Tharparkar (Sindh) and Peshawar regions

  • Training in the management of economic activities, training of women in food packaging and sewing

  • Creation of agricultural cooperatives, and economic support for 130 small entrepreneurs
  • Distribution of 4,600 food parcels during the Ramadan period (2019)

  • Distribution of 4,740 packages of meat for Eid Al Adha (2019)

  • Distribution of clothing to more than 3,950 orphans for Eid (2019)

  • Rehabilitation and support for the resumption of agricultural activities (plowing, distribution of agricultural tools and seeds) for 60 families (80 families in 4 villages in 2019, Orazkai, FATA region)



Orphans sponsorship

  • Sponsorship of 266 orphans
  • Support for income-generating activities for 15 orphan families (since January 2019)
  • 20 child protection awareness sessions (since January 2019)
Publication : 20 Décembre 2018