1,3 million of Syrian refugees, of which 85% are below the poverty line
Region : Middle East

Capital : Amman

Population : 9,8 million

SIF mission : installed since 2014

Regions :
Karak and Baqa'a Refugee Camp

Programs : Education, hygiene and sanitation, seasonal food security projects and distribution of wintering kits

Humanitarian context

The vast majority of Syrian refugees (1,3 million, more than 50% of whom are children) live among the Jordanian population in the most deprived areas. Only half of them are registered with UNHCR with access to United Nations assistance. In the absence of a work permit, many live in precarious conditions with no access to adequate food, health care and education. Jordan also hosts Palestinian and Iraqi refugees.


Our actions

Education, hygiene and sanitation, sheltering (distribution of wintering kits).

The projects implemented in partnership with UNRWA and the Jordanian authorities are aimed at improving hygiene and the school environment for refugee children and those of host populations.

jeunes talibés à Bamako
Education, hygiene and sanitation

In 2018, SIF intervenes in the Baqa'a Palestinian camp school (1,400 student beneficiaries) and 6 schools in the south-west city of Karak (2,300 students). It renovates sanitary facilities and educates schoolchildren about hygiene. They have access to quality drinking water and decent body hygiene.

Seasonal projects
Distribution of wintering kits (heaters and fuel) to 350 Jordanian and Syrian families in Karak.
Ramadan : distribution of food vouchers to 1,000 households in the Karak region (Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families).
Publication : 27 Décembre 2018