1.3 million people are food insecure

Access to water and reduced hygiene

School enrollment impacted by school destruction and livelihoods reduction
Region : Caribbean

Capital : Port-au-Prince

Population : 11 million

SIF mission : installed since 2010

Regions of action : Belle-Anse and Nippes

Projects : Food Security & Livelihoods and Child Welfare

Humanitarian context

Haiti is still affected by the aftermath of the very violent hurricane of 2016, which occurred after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Food insecurity affects 1.3 million people. In the southern regions of Belle-Anse and Nippes, crop destruction and soil erosion have severely reduced livelihoods.

The total or partial destruction of schools has impacted schooling enrollment.


Our actions

Education, hygiene and sanitation ; sheltering (distribution of wintering kits)

The projects implemented in partnership with UNRWA and the Jordanian authorities are aimed at improving hygiene and the school environment for refugee children and those of host populations.

jeunes talibés à Bamako
Support for the well-being of the child

  • Rehabilitation of 8 schools in Belle-Anse and 22 in Nippes (electrical installations, roofs, lunch areas, distribution of table-benches) as well as support for schooling enrollment of 25,000 students (school kits, support for school management councils) in 2017 – 2018.
  • Aid for schooling enrollment of 453 families in the Nippes region in 2018
Food security and livelihood support in Belle-Anse

  • Goat and seed distribution and training in agricultural techniques (900 beneficiary households, including 300 female heads of household in 2017-2018.
Publication : 27 Décembre 2018